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Kata Soós is a versatile artist. She is a painter a cultural anthropologist and also a filmmaker. Her works are enigmatic, they do not surrender to our interpretations easily. We need time to unravel Kata’s artistic standpoint. The theme of her paintings are the objects of our everyday life: shabby washing-up bowls, hospital spaces, paper bags: the seemingly uninteresting milieu around us. Kata Soós is interested in the non-trivial behind the trivial. She is a genuine anthropologist. The Other and herself as an artist are in the focus of her films: how she sees the Other or how the Other allows her/himself to be seen. Human beings are not actually depicted in her paintings, yet it is human life that she attempts to explore. The iron is till hot, the vessels are messy, so you have just been on the spot a moment earlier. Soós can grab the fragment of the second that almost no one is capable of: the moment of passing. You have just disappeared from the picture. Kata is able to paint your or my absence, and me, who is looking for you can find you and myself in front of the telephone booth or in the hospital bed or before the lonely flowerbed.

Author: Enikő Bódis, cultural anthropologist

Katalin Soós DLA

Artist, cultural anthropologist

2013 - 2017  ELTE-Tátk Doctoral School of Sociology, Interdisciplinary Social Research Program
2011  Hungarian University of Fine Arts (MKE) DLA Degree
2004  Diploma, MKE, Faculty of Painting
2003 -  student of CEU Summer University, „The Roma” (Bringing Together Historical, Anthropological and Linguistic Approaches)
2002 -2003  Hungarian University of Fine Arts (MKE), majoring in Intermedia
2001  Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Facultad de Bellas Artes
2000  student of HESP Summer University, „Roma society, culture and education”
1999 - 2006  ELTE University of Budapest, Faculty of Social Studies, majoring in Cultural Anthropology
1998 - 2004  Hungarian University of Fine Arts (MKE), Faculty of Painting

Selected Collective Exhibitions
2022  Resident Art Garten, Nagy Gyula Gallery, Lovas, Hungary
2022  Medical Visit installation, Open Studios EART, Barcelona, Spain
2021  Resident Art Garten, Nagy Gyula Gallery, Lovas, Hungary
2021  Permanent transition, Open Studios EART, Barcelona, Spain
2020  MMXX // archive // time capsule, FKSE
2020  Resident Art Garten 2020, Lovas, Hungary
2019  Resident Art Fair, 2019 A.P.A. Galéria / Ateliers Pro Arts Center, Budapest
2016  Nőttön nő, Miskolc Gallery
2014  The Most, FKSE annual exhibition
2014  derko.pecsi.2014, Kunsthalle, Budapest
2013  Hidden Visions, Csepel Művek, Budapest
2013  Merging Imagination, Islamabad, Pakistan
2013  Canteen, Labor, Budapest
2013  Derkovits Most / Derkovits Now, Műcsarnok, Kunsthalle, Budapest
2012  Recalculated (Private View), Triangle Space, London
2012  Tradition, Reconstructed, Ernst Museum, Budapest
2010  „We are here” Project, EU Center, London, Budapest

Selected solo exhibitions
2023  Anamnesis, Art Korner, Kastner Kommunity, Budapest, Hungary
2022  Eden, Valid World Hall, Barcelona, Spain
2022  MACBA (Israel and Lorenzo), La Guachara de Mechi, Entresuelosbcn, Barcelona, Spain 
2016  Superficial Treatment, A38, Budapest
2014  Laundry, A38, Budapest
2013  Canteen, Stúdió Gallery, Budapest
2011  Recital, Printa Gallery, Budapest
2008  „Propéra/ Next”, Lumen Gallery, Budapest
2007  „Propéra/ Next”, Can Xalant, Mataró, Spain
2007  „Flash, brush, chips” Stúdió Gallery, Budapest
2006  „Gaz a tout les etages”, Galerie du Tableu, Marseille

Awards, Scholarships
2021  Artist residency 2021 – 2023 at EART Experimentem amb l'ART, Barcelona, Spain.
2020  Nauart Studio, Barcelona, Spain
2019  EÖTVÖS State Scholarship (four month at Liverpool University)
2016 - 2017   ÚNKP Scholarship, ELTE-Tátk
2016  MANK atelier/studio support
2015  ATELIER for Derkovits State Scholarship
2014, 2013, 2012  DERKOVITS State Scholarship
2013, 2006, 2005, 2004  Hungarian National Cultural Fund Support
2007  Idensitat / Home and away project, Spain
2007  MÖB Scholarship to Frans Masereel Center, Belgium (one month)
2006  FKSE - ASTERIDES residency in Marseille for two month

2022  "Specialists of Uncertanity" The VIII. Congreso Internacional De Antropológia, AIBR, Salamanca
2020  "Permanent Transition" The VI. Congreso Internacional De Antropológia, AIBR, Porto (on-line congreso)
2020  "Uses of visual art process in the field. Case study about migrant strategies in Budapest and Barcelona” Coca 2020 Primer Congrés Catalá d’ Antropologia
2019  "Constantly transitional, Analysis of artist practices at Budapest and Barcelona” The V. Congreso Internacional De Antropológia, AIBR, Madrid
2017  “Artist Reflections, Interdisciplinary Analysis of Contemporary Hungarian Fine Art
Practice” ”ÚNKP Conference, Budapest, Hungary
2016  “Creation and research. Multidisciplinary opportunities at the intersection of social research and the arts ”. „All Arts” Doctoral Student’s Day, Budapest, Hungary
2016  „Participatory art projects as a field of research” Hello Wood: Project Village '16 - International Summer School & Festival for Architecture 2016
2015  “Art works in intercultural context”, Conference for the 25th birthday of university education in cultural anthropology in Hungary, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary
2014  „Social dynamics as outcomes of a creative process” The 11th International Conference Creative Urban Development: Culture, Business, Community Vilnius University Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies at Kaunas Faculty of Humanities University of Latvia
2013  „Generating Common Ground through Art Practices”. Crisis, Critique and Change. 11th Conference of the European Sociological Association,Torino
2012  „Participatory Art Projects as Fields of Research”, ESA-Arts-2012, Arts Sociology Conference, Wien
2011  “Participatory Works” Symbiosis Cultural Anthropology Festival, Budapest, Hungary

Selected Workshops
2021  "Actuar en l’emergència. Repensar l’agència del disseny durant (i després de) la COVID-19", (GREDITS, Grup de Recerca en Disseny i Transformació Social) BAU/ RAER (Reial Acadèmia Espanyola de Roma), HANGAR, Centre de recerca i producció d'Arts Visuals de Barcelona
2021  "Cohabitar la bellesa" (seminiari dir. Oriol Fontdevila) Fabra i Coats: Centre d'Art Contemporani, Barcelona 
2019  How do we live? Housing Workshop (Jocelyn Froimovich, Johanna Muszbek, Project Home) University of Liverpool in London
2015 - 2017  Hello Wood: Project Village (Johanna Muszbek) , Csórompuszta, Hungary
2010  „Csepel Project” - Tracing the layers of historical and traumatic events", MKE Doctoral School, Budapest, London
2009  Kilkis International Workshop, Greece
2008  Project as Methodology - Seminar with Antoni Muntadas, Tranzit Budapest
2001  Oreste International Workshop, Montescaglioso, Italy

Lectures, presentations
2023 ARCH520 Design Methods Workshop for 4th grade and 5th grade students MArch, lectures at University of Liverpool in Liverpool 
2022  M.ARCH Design Methods Workshop for 4th grade and 5th grade students, lectures at University of Liverpool in Liverpool
2021  ARCH520 Design Methods Workshop, University of Liverpool in Liverpool
2020  MKE, Doctoral School, Permanent transition (... in creative practice: observation,  analysis, reflection and emotions).
2013 - 2017  Lecturer at Faculty of Social Sciences in Budapest (qualitative methodologies ( BA), anthropology of aesthetics (MA), visual anthropology (MA)
2014  MKE, Doctoral School
2013  Budapest-London, the context of „ Recalculating”: Exchanging artistic research, Chelsea College of Art and Design
2011  MKE, Contemporary Art Theory and Curatorial Department (MA)








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